Closely connected with the Lech Valley and its nature, we cultivate the surrounding meadows and associated farms. Entertaining guests and renting holiday rooms as always been a part of our job, but one that is so much fun that we have embarked on a new adventure: Hotel Bergmahd***.

With great attention to detail, regional cuisine and an extra dose of hospitality.

Hotel Bergmahd

“Fresh hay, the smell reminiscent of the lush green Alpine meadows, the colourful mountain flowers and spicy mountain herbs, reaches the nose and burns itself forever into the memory - tempting, beguiling and forever this insatiable longing, calling for the mountains.”

Even the grandfathers of the Drexel family were to be found on the mountain doing the “Mahd”, the mowing of mountain meadows. It was often strenuous and time-consuming work that at the time was still done by hand and a scythe.

Naturally good. Mowing the meadows helps to preserve the biodiversity of the mountain. Maintaining the mountain landscape is an important part of maintaining the cultural landscape and maintaining biodiversity.

The Bergmahd - “mountain mowing” - is not just a name. In the summer you can, if you fancy, help with mowing the hay. You’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to mow a meadow on the mountain? We’ll show you everything you need to know! Ja Heu!

Hotel Bergmahd at Lechtal
The hay is collected, the scent of the freshly dried mountain grasses and herbs a symbol of the Alpine feeling.
Hotel Bergmahd